Handwerkskammer zu Köln (HWK)

USSIA signed a partnership agreement with the Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses, Cologne – Germany (Handwerkskammer zu Köln) that provides a foundation for the first 3 years phase of a partnership project.  The Partners are represented by a Long Term Expert ( Technical Advisor)  and the Assistant Technical Advisor.

The USSIA/HWK Partnership has 3 anticipated result areas;

  1. Membership mobilization and Development  – USSIA member enterprises are organized at zone level and actively participate in the activities of the association;
  2. Strengthening of USSIA capacity – Operational plans and organizational/administrative conditions and structures are adjusted and improved to respond to changing demands;
  3. Delivery of services – Models for demand-driven services have been developed and are demonstrated in pilot areas.

The partnership is currently in 3 pilot areas of;

  1.  Kaliro (Kaliro, Bugiri, Kamuli, Jinja and Iganga)
  2. Mukono ( Mukono, Luwero and Mityana)
  3. Kabarole ( Kabarole, Kasese and Bukonzo)


Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU)

PSFU is Uganda’s Apex body for the private sector. It is made up of 157 business associations, corporate bodies and the major public sector agencies that support private sector growth.

Since its founding in 1995, PSFU has served as a focal point for private sector advocacy as well as capacity building and continues to sustain a positive dialogue with Government on behalf of the private sector.

Right from its inception PSFU has been Government’s implementation partner for several projects and programmes aimed at strengthening the private sector as an engine of economic growth. Such programmes include; the implementation of the Business Uganda Development Scheme (BUDS), the BUDS-Energy for Rural Transformation (ERT) programme and advising government on positive policy reforms. Website:

 Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE)

The Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE) is the sole representative of Employers in the public and private sectors on Social & Economic issues. It is the spokes body of member Organizations and provides them a forum for self-expression.

FUE provides advisory, advocacy, training and management consultancy services in human resource management and development; employment relations and productivity improvement.

FUE is a membership organization that specializes in Human Resource Management and Development, Employment Relations and Productivity Improvement. It is also a representative body which advocates for the interests of private and public Employers on Social and Economic issues at National and International level. Website:


Among the identified constrains that hinder business growth in the country, management skills is generally mentioned, but more importantly are entrepreneurship, leadership and financial skills. MUBS under the Entrepreneurship Centre offers the necessary knowledge and skills in order to improve the productivity of businesses and enhance their competitiveness.

The Entrepreneurship Centre provides business services for small and medium size enterprises as well as for NGOs working with small business people. Help can be provided for practical aspects of planning a new business but also for the development of existing businesses. Website:


The Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions UGAPRIVI is an umbrella organization for Private Training Institutions.

The Ugandan economy needs trained workers to sustain and expand its industries and contribute to economic growth as a whole. This is a prime requirement for the reduction of poverty, and the hope of a better future. Unfortunately there are not enough appropriate opportunities for Ugandan youth to learn vocational skills. However private institutions are amongst the most important providers of vocational training. Currently around 45% of all vocational training available in Uganda is provided by such private institutions.

The Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI) was formed to improve the quality and the image of private vocational institutions, and to strengthen this educational sector as a whole with the aim is to foster collaboration between private training institutions throughout the country and to improve, not just the standards of the training provided, but also its relevance for the actual employment market. UGAPRIVI acts thereby as a mediator and an interface between its members, the private sector, the government and its development partners. Website:


UIA is a One-Stop facilitator for investors, mandated by an Act of Parliament (1991) to attract, promote and facilitate investment. UIA assists investors to expediently implement their business plans. In addition, UIA continually advises Government on the best practice policies regarding investment in Uganda as a whole.

As such, UIA markets Uganda’s investment opportunities to targeted investors all over the world, coordinates the national investment marketing program, monitors international investment trends and serves as the first and most comprehensive point of contact for investors in Uganda. Website:


Today, the Association is one of the largest organizations representing the broad industrial and commercial sectors of Uganda’s economy and an important forum for the private sector in the  country. UMA has a membership comprising of close to 750 small, medium and large enterprises drawn from both the private and public sector. Website:


Trias is a Belgian development organisation active in twelve countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Trias supports more than 900.000 entrepreneurs through 95 local partner organisations. Trias and his partner organisations support people working in smallholder agriculture or as micro-entrepreneurs. In Flanders (Belgium), Trias is closely linked to six member based organizations: the rural organisations Landelijke Gilden, KVLV and KLJ and the entrepreneurial organisations UNIZO, markant and Neos.






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