Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

USSIA organizes and encourages its members to participate in Trade Fairs and Exhibitions as a platform to showcase and display their products. This is at District, Regional, National and International stages. 

USSIA organises the Annual SME Exhibition each year. This exhibition is tailored for its members to help them exhibit their products each year. for further information contact veronica on 0774130454, Email:

USSIA also organises a wine Exhibition each year for all its members in the wine sector. For further information contact jooga on 0752122965 or

USSIA takes an extra step to create local awareness and market the goods produced by its members and also collaborate with different government and private institutions to enhance the market share of Made in Uganda products.

Adequate information on the up coming exhibitions and trade fairs both nationally and internationally.

For further information please contact Ms. Veronica Namwanje on Email:







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