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Membership Development Programme

The purpose of the membership development drive is to implement specific objectives and activities that fall under the strategic goal one, “To broaden the membership base in order to represent the whole spectrum of micro, small and medium scale industries and supportive service enterprises”.

Among the proposed activities are the Capacity building workshops on membership development scheduled to take place in the different regions of USSIA.

The membership development drive is meant to directly involve zonal executives in planning and execution of capacity building and membership development activities in their respective zones are concerned

USSIA membership is voluntary and is composed of Small Scale Industrialists that are operating in all sectors of the economy.

USSIA's membership are the Small Scale Industrialists (SSI) and its current active membership is approximately 4500 categorized in twelve industrial sectors, namely:

1. Hand Crafts
2. Food and Beverage processing
3. Wood Works
4. Building Materials & Construction
5. Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
6. Metal Fabrication
7. Electrical and Electronics
8. Ceramics and Pottery
9. Textiles & Garments
10. Mechanical and Technical works
11. Printing & Graphics
12. Information and Communications Technology

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