How to become a member

How to Become a USSIA Member


Only Companies, Partnerships and Individuals who operate small scale and cottage Industries under registered names or are willing to register, and on good business lines are eligible for USSIA Membership.

Must be among the following sectors (Not Limited to );

1. Metal Fabrication ( Foundry, Black Smith, Machinist, Sheet metal fabricator, etc)

2. Textile & Garments ( Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Garment Construction etc)

3. Wood Work ( Carpentry, Joinery, Sculpture, Wood processing etc)

4.  Leather Works and Crafts ( Tannery, Upholstery, Shoe making, etc)

5.  Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals ( Herbals, Soap, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Paint making, Foaming, etc)

6. Printing & Graphics ( Paper and Paper Products, Printing and Publishing, Stationery, Packaging, etc)

7.  Ceramics ( Pottery, Clay making, etc)

8.  Food Beverages ( Milling, Bakery, Fruits & Veg, Bee Products, Food Processing, Mushroom, Spices, etc)

9.  Electricals and Electronics ( Installation, Electronics, etc)

10.  Building Materials & Construction ( Bricking Laying, Mining & Quarrying, Plumbing, etc)

11.  Handcrafts ( Basketry, Ornamental crafts, Jewelry, Bark cloth making, etc)

12.  Information and Communication Technology (Soft wares, Web design, Secretarial)                                   


Procedure One: Make Application to the nearest Zone with the physical location of you Enterprise. This can be through writing, Phone Call or online application (Click here: New Member Online Registration)

Procedure Two: Payment of membership fee (Paid Once) and a Subscription fee (Every Year ). Payment should be by Cash to the Zone Office, Cheque form or bank (USSIA-Centenary bBank. A/C 4910300039). Please Ask for a Receipt after your Payments.

Procedure Three: A membership Card is processed to be issued at a later date.




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