Members in Kaliro

Member Sector
Abdul & Sons Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
Adaganaalya Millers Food Processing
Akwata -Empola Tailor Cleric-Shop Textiles and Garments
Amiri's Maize Mill & Carpentry Workshop Woodwork
Badebye & Sons Workshop Woodwork
Bahooya Tusitukeremu Company Ltd Food Processing
Bahooza Wood Works Woodwork
Bampoya Tailors Textiles and Garments
Bamu Milk Processor Food Processing
Baseka Majja Woodwork
Bawoya Wood Works Woodwork
Betty Tailors Textiles and Garments
Bever Sweet Red Wine Enterprise Food Processing
Beveronu Inestments Ltd Other
Biyinzika Erisa Hand craft
BMK Company Other
Bugabwe Farm Group Food Processing
Buhooya Maize Mill Food Processing
Bulumba Enterprises Ltd. Other
Buyobi Crafts Work Hand craft
Bwambale Food & Fruit Enterprises Food Processing
Chamuka Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
Chuma Weding Workshop Metal Fabrication
Diogo Magidu Workshop Woodwork
Emma Art & Design Hand craft
Fatuma Textiles & Knitting Textiles and Garments
Fish Farming Cluster Kaliro Food Processing
Fredico Investments Other
Furniture Dealers Woodwork
Galubaale Woodwork
Green View Basket School Hand craft
Isabirye & Sons Co. Woodwork
Isabirye Kagoya Woodwork
Isanga Carpentery Workshop Woodwork
Isooba & Sons Enterprise Electrical and Technical
Issa & sons workshop Metal Fabrication
J.B & Company Ltd Woodwork
J.B Lusanga kisambira and family Food Processing
Jakawa Metal Fabrication
Kahuna Carpentry workshop Woodwork
Kajjuba Esther Textiles and Garments
Kaliro High Agriculi Food Staff Food Processing
Kalivamuki Enterprise Food Processing
Kanuna George William Woodwork
Kasanvu Fabricators Metal Fabrication
Kasokwe Poultry and Animal Feeds Processors Food Processing
Kasokwe Wood works Woodwork
Kataike Sarah Textiles and Garments
Katwe Dynamo & Steel works Woodwork
Kayembe Workshop Woodwork
Kibanda Boys Woodwork
Kirabo Crafts Hand craft
Kisale Building Assoc Building Materials
Kisoko & Sons Furniture Makers Woodwork
Kubigogo Enterprise Food Processing
Kyebajja Tobona Textiles and Garments
Lwakuseka Maja Woodwork
Lwanga & Sons Enterprise Food Processing
Maihepham Other
Mamuda Wood Craft Woodwork
Moees Carpentary Workshop Woodwork
Monica & Sons Enterprise Textiles and Garments
Mukuve Abdul Karim Other
Mulesa & Sons Wood-Work Woodwork
Musoga Hassan Woodwork
Mutesa Jesca woodworks Woodwork
Naayo & Family Company Textiles and Garments
Nabitundi Furniture Works Woodwork
Naibiri Sickel Cell Herbal Clinic Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
Naigaga Crafts Work Shop Hand craft
Namasagali Enterprises Woodwork
Nathepham Food Processing
Nicol's Art Mart & Tech.consult Woodwork
Nkonte Widows Textiles and Garments
Ntale & Sons Other
Ntuula Limited Food Processing
Nyanzi & Sons Enterprise Food Processing
Okozewo Clin Herbal Soap Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
Peter's Boutique Textiles and Garments
Phillipas Enterprises Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
Re hana Fashioneers Textiles and Garments
Sabaidu Fred & son Textiles and Garments
Sayuni Textiles and Garments
Senda Black Smith Artisian & Co. Metal Fabrication
Simba Maize Mill Food Processing
St. Stephan Fish Farm Food Processing
Tailor & Outfitters Textiles and Garments
Talented Workshop Hand craft
Tukolere Hamo Textiles and Garments
Tulyanabo & Sons Hand craft
Universal Designers Textiles and Garments
Wabusaja Enterprise Food Processing
Wanswa General Workshop Electrical and Technical
Wesige Mukama Textiles and Garments
Yatuwa & Sons Textiles and Garments
Yatuwa Gen Ent Food Processing



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