Members in Luweero

Member Sector
Florence Designers Textiles and Garments
Lydia's boutique Textiles and Garments
Sirage Fabricators Metal Fabrication
Wasswa Paul Fabricators Metal Fabrication
Abbas & Sons Textiles and Garments
Abdallah Men's Wear Centre Textiles and Garments
Aggy Designers Textiles and Garments
Aisha Super Crafts Hand craft
Akamira Eyiye Fashion Designers Textiles and Garments
Aman Women Group Hand craft
Annet & Daughters Food Processing
Bajja Basaaga Other
Bakka Designers Textiles and Garments
Bamayanja & sons Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
Basar Food Processers Food Processing
Bashir Tailoring Centre Textiles and Garments
Basoka Kwavula Other
Benah Tailoring centre Textiles and Garments
biwooma Peanut processors Food Processing
Blessed Bridals Textiles and Garments
Brenda Fashion Designers Textiles and Garments
Bulungu Kwefaako Beauty Salon Other
Cathy Knitting Centre Textiles and Garments
Deo Furniture Mart Woodwork
Doegratius Metal dealers Metal Fabrication
Dorah Hair Dressers Other
Elim Juice Processors Food Processing
Elisha Furniture Cente Woodwork
Emason Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
Evelyn Fashion Designers Textiles and Garments
Everline Fashion Designs Textiles and Garments
Evesiga Mukama surface Designers Textiles and Garments
Florence House Of Designs Textiles and Garments
Ganyana Basketry Cluster Food Processing
Good samaritan tailoring centre Textiles and Garments
Good Samaritan Tailoring School Textiles and Garments
Greenview Metal workshop Metal Fabrication
Hisham & Brothers Textiles and Garments
Jalia Fashions Textiles and Garments
Jane Tailors Textiles and Garments
Joweria Natural Fruity Juice Food Processing
Joy juice Processors Food Processing
K.J Welding Centre Metal Fabrication
k.m Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
kafeero's Garage Electrical and Technical
Kakeeto Tailoring Centre Textiles and Garments
Kalagi Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
Kalyebi Peter ICT
Kamu-kamu Woodwork
kamukamu Furniture Mart & Construction Woodwork
Kasana Juice Proccessors Food Processing
kasankwa & Sons Center Enterprises Metal Fabrication
Katikamu Group Other
Katumwa Metal workshop Metal Fabrication
kayaga Fashion designers Textiles and Garments
Kiberu Joshua Metal Fabrication
Kijjamba Wood Mart Woodwork
Kikusooka suit Centre Textiles and Garments
Kirinya & Sons Metal workshop Metal Fabrication
Kirumira & Sons Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
Kisolo Kidda Other
Kuteesa Metal Works Metal Fabrication
Kwoka hardware & knitting centre Textiles and Garments
Kyagulanyi & sons Metal Dealers Metal Fabrication
Kyakuwa Surface designing Enterprise Textiles and Garments
Landmark Juice & Food Processing Food Processing
Lazia Tailors Textiles and Garments
Lubega Edward Zirimenya Other
lukomera Builders Centre & Electricals Electrical and Technical
Lukomera Handcraft Makers Hand craft
Luzida Catering Services Food Processing
lwakimu Furniture Mart Woodwork
Lydia Tailoring Shop Textiles and Garments
Maggy Designers Textiles and Garments
mbabazi tailorinjg centre Textiles and Garments
Mbaziira metal Centre & Motor Mechanics Metal Fabrication
Mercy's Tailoring centre Textiles and Garments
Minge super Crafts Hand craft
mirembe Outside Caterers Food Processing
Mirembe Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
Mirembe Txtiles & Garments Textiles and Garments
Mubiru Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
Muga Furniture Woodwork
Muga Metal Fabricators Metal Fabrication
Mugalu Workshop Metal Fabrication
Mukisa Engineering services Electrical and Technical
Mukisa Juice processors Food Processing
Mukisa Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
Mulangira Constructors Building Materials
Mulangura & Sons Furniture Center Woodwork
Musisi & sons Metal Workshop and Construction Metal Fabrication
Muzzanganda Group Food Processing
Mwesigwa Garments Textiles and Garments
N.S tailoring Centre Textiles and Garments
Nacuve Active Dev Group Food Processing
Nakacwa designers Textiles and Garments
Nakaggwa House of Designs Textiles and Garments
Nakato Rehema Textiles and Garments
Nalongo Super crafts Hand craft
Nalule Sarah Food Processing
Namagembe Juice Processors Food Processing
Nambi Aisha Babirye Textiles and Garments
Nambi Traders Textiles and Garments
Nazziwa Fashion Designers Textiles and Garments
Nkwanga Deborah Designers Textiles and Garments
Nsobya Motorcycle Garage Electrical and Technical
Nvuma Furniture Mart & Construction Woodwork
Pearl Enterprise Textiles and Garments
S.A Motor Cycle Garage Metal Fabrication
S.B Motor Spares & Garage Metal Fabrication
Sarah Crat Makers Hand craft
Sm Engineering Works Electrical and Technical
Small scale Technical skills Food Processing
Sooka Kwaavula Other
Ssekate Furniture Mart Woodwork
Sserunjogi Willy furniture centre Woodwork
Sssali Tailoring Centre Textiles and Garments
Super Furniture Centre Woodwork
Tukolebukozi Other
Universal Tea Parkers Food Processing
Walugembe & Sons Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
Wesige Mukama Garments Textiles and Garments
Willan Herbal products Pharmaceuticals and chemicals
Willy Bakers & Decorators Food Processing
Wobulenzi Public School ICT
Wobulenzi Vocational Institute Textiles and Garments
zaagenda Metal workshop & plumbering Metal Fabrication
Zaake millers Food Processing
Zinunula Metal Workshop Metal Fabrication
Zinunula Omunaku Food Processing
Zinunula Womens Group Hand craft
Zion Phone Accessors & Elecricals ICT
Zion Phone Plus Electrical and Technical
Zumaplus Other
Zziwa Abudala Food Processing



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