USSIA organises the 2nd Public-Private Dialogues


Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA) is working with Private Sector Associations (PSAs) in Mityana, Kiboga and Mukono Districts in implementing the USAID-UKAID funded GAPP (Governance Accountability Participation and Performance) Program. The GAPP program, among other engagement strategies, is building advocacy capacity and skills of members in these PSAs to facilitate an effective and meaningful dialogue with the local government officials for a better business environment and service delivery.

The private sector is a key driver of the local economy and source of local revenue. It is also a source of information to government for planning and development.

The 2nd Public-Private dialogue on improving the local business environment in Mityana , Mukono & Kiboga districts were held on the 16th , 17th & 18th January 2018 respectively. As a mid-level platform for district-level dialogue and experience sharing on the business operating environment, it provided an opportunity to discuss key challenges as presented by the PSAs, jointly propose workable solutions and get commitment on actions by local government leaders aimed at fostering accountability and participation of the private sector in local governance.

The PSAs key challenges and proposed solutions included:

  1. Need to involve/consult the entrepreneurs when developing the market rates/license fees; avoid blanket assessment of enterprises and also sensitize taxpayers on assessment procedures/criteria.
  2. Need to involve/consult the farmers when designing agricultural programs – like Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) – to ensure relevance and buy-in by target beneficiaries.
  3. Need to identify and allocate suitable titled land to develop an industrial (value-addition) park for micro, small and medium scale enterprises and Common Facility Centers (CFC) for key sectors.
  4. Need to support local SACCOs by systematically channeling livelihood programs (E.g. UWEP; YLP) through SACCOs that have demonstrated technical capacity to manage, as opposed to high cost commercial banks.

Under the project’s core goal of “Promoting Private Sector Participation in Local Governance”, USSIA is organized interactive Private Sector/Local Government Interface Meetings. From both the Private Sector and Local Government Sector perspectives, the panelists shared their experiences and insights on how to address the identified challenges and create a better business environment and improved service delivery.




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