USSIA has worked with Trias Uganda since 2014 to date to see small-scale entrepreneurs; especially active poor people, women & youth work collectively through synergies to achieve sustainable and improved livelihoods in West Nile ( Arua, Nebbi & Zombo districts) and Bunyoro ( Masindi, Hoima & Bulisa districts) sub regions.

URSB is a semi-autonomous government agency, established by Act of Parliament in 1998 in Uganda. URSB is responsible for business registrations (setups and liquidations), registration of patents and intellectual property rights, and any other registrations required by law.

UMA, is an industry-association in Uganda, that aims at bringing together Ugandan industrialists & manufacturers in an attempt to guide the industrial actors in the country towards global competitiveness, on a sustainable basis. The association advises the government of Uganda in the formulation of national and regional industrial policy. UMA also serves as a collective lobby and mouthpiece for its members.

UNBS is a statutory body under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives established by the UNBS Act Cap 327 and became operational in 1989. It is governed by the National Standards Council. The Mandate of UNBS is: -Formulation and promotion of the use of standards, Enforcing standards in protection of public health and safety and the environment against dangerous and sub-standard products, Ensuring fairness in trade and precision in industry through reliable measurement systems; and strengthening the economy of Uganda by assuring the quality of locally manufactured products to enhance the competitiveness of exports in regional and international markets.

DIT was first established by the Industrial Training Decree, Decree No. 2 of 1972, which subsequently became the Business Technical, Vocational Education and Training Act of No. 12 of 2008. The Decree mandated the DIT, among others, to develop policies, and implement strategies for skills training, upgrading, and testing of workers in industries and apprentices in workplaces as well as those persons training in the world of work. The separation of the training delivery of Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) from quality assurance.

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