The Youth on the #SkillUpKampala project in the areas of Kampala, Mukono & Wakiso were assessed by @dit_uganda under @Educ_SportsUg on the 7th and 8th of April 2021.

A total of 216 youth i.e. In Mukono, 15 Youth in #bakery, 10 Youth in #Hairdressing, and 12 Youth in #Tailoring. In Wakiso, 13 in #bakery, 31 in #Hairdressing, 20 in #Tailoring, 17 in #Leather, 8 in #Welding, 8 in #Carpentry & 7 in #Phonerepair. And In Kampala, 21 Youth in #bakery, 13 Youth in #MetalFabrication, 19 Youth in #Carpentry, 23 Youth in #Hairdressing and 7 Youth in #Leather were successfully assessed.

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Gulu City Roofings Manufacturer (Nile Roofings) Thanks USSIA for Q-Mark

Have you ever heard of the NileMax, NiloTile, UgaTile, and Tropical roofings sheets brands? Well, I presume you haven’t. But worry not, in the near future you will know them.
Those are roofing sheets brands of Nile Roofings Limited. Nile Roofings Limited is a fast-growing construction materials manufacturer based in Gulu City. The company founded in 2018 recently (January 31st) acquired the UNBS quality mark (Q-Mark) for its roofing sheets products in product standardization and certification process that was disrupted by COVID-19.
“Since I joined USSIA, Nile Roofings has enormously benefited from the capacity-building opportunities presented by the association,” says Mr. Erasmus Okurut the founder and managing director of the company as he signs off a company document.
“With the Q-Mark, now we can aggressively market our products” adds Mr. Erasmus whose company is gaining steady traction for its customized roofing sheets in the Gulu City area.
If many small-scale manufacturers like Nile Roofings get the Q-Mark then so much can change about the industrial and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Northern Uganda. With that many people will buy Ugandan and build Uganda.

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Remote Skilling of USSIA Members

Despite the fact that COVID 19 has adversely affected the livelihood of many people world over, technology has come through to provide opportunities. The members of USSIA in the Electrical and Carpentry sectors, who were trained by experts from Germany attended the remote training through video conferencing software (Zoom Video conferencing and MS Teams) on 26th October 2020 to 30th October 2020 for the Electricians and 23rd November 2020 to 25th November 2020 for the Carpenters.
The remote expert training, implemented by USSIA with support from Welt Hunger Hilfe was funded by the German Cooperation/BMZ under the Skill Up! Kampala Project. The training aims at enhancing the skills and capacity of the USSIA members who are training providers in the Skill Up! Kampala Project.
Electrical engineers under the instruction of the German master artisan Manfred Franz Becker learnt various steps in electrical circuit sequencing. One of the highlights of the training was when the learners were tasked to make traffic lights. Meanwhile, in the hands of Leon Herl (a German Carpenter and Brick maker) the carpenters who attended the training were taken through the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) measures/practices observed in a carpentry workshop. The sessions in the training enlightened the participants about some of the risks in a carpentry workshop and ways of preventing one from such risks. A lively training resulted into members sharing various scenarios they faced in their workshops relating to OHS.
The remote skilling training is therefore a technical capacity building service that USSIA provides members in order to enhance their performance and efficiency to be able to grow and economically develop their enterprises while keeping safe from COVID 19.

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The Women & Youth Working In Our Abattoirs

#DYK the women & youth working in our abattoirs become idle after 10 am when the slaughtering & flaying had ended? Under the ongoing MOBIP program supervised by @MAAIF_Uganda, we are contributing to reducing the effects of the beef value chain on #environment.

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