EFRIS system Awareness workshop in Kampala

Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA) in partnership with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) organized an awareness meeting on the 9th of August 2022 aimed at sensitizing the members on the application and the importance of using the system in their businesses as well as discussing other different tax related challenges that they face.

The Ugandan government on the 1st of January 2021 instructed all the formally registered companies to start using the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS) to report electronically issued invoices and cash receipts to the URA. Under this system, organizations and companies operating in the Ugandan market are to submit their electronic sales invoices to URA, and URA must approve the invoice before the company can transmit it to its client. The implementation of the EFRIS system aims to tackle tax evasion and the fraudulent practice of false invoices for fake purchases. Some of the documents to be sent electronically include: invoices, credit and debit notes, goods movement, inventories and others.

The main purpose of this meeting was to enlighten the members about the importance of using EFRIS in their business. The awareness session was held at the USSIA Board room in Kampala and was attended by over 34 industrialists.

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Gulu City Roofings Manufacturer (Nile Roofings) Thanks USSIA for Q-Mark

Have you ever heard of the NileMax, NiloTile, UgaTile, and Tropical roofings sheets brands? Well, I presume you haven’t. But worry not, in the near future you will know them.
Those are roofing sheets brands of Nile Roofings Limited. Nile Roofings Limited is a fast-growing construction materials manufacturer based in Gulu City. The company founded in 2018 recently (January 31st) acquired the UNBS quality mark (Q-Mark) for its roofing sheets products in product standardization and certification process that was disrupted by COVID-19.
“Since I joined USSIA, Nile Roofings has enormously benefited from the capacity-building opportunities presented by the association,” says Mr. Erasmus Okurut the founder and managing director of the company as he signs off a company document.
“With the Q-Mark, now we can aggressively market our products” adds Mr. Erasmus whose company is gaining steady traction for its customized roofing sheets in the Gulu City area.
If many small-scale manufacturers like Nile Roofings get the Q-Mark then so much can change about the industrial and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Northern Uganda. With that many people will buy Ugandan and build Uganda.

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