Members of USSIA are trained by German Experts virtually through video conferencing platforms. Remote Skilling: WOBIV Project: Skilling the youth and women in processing beef value added products like Sausages, Beef ham, Kebabs, Minced meat. Strategic Partnerships: Working with Uganda Registrations Service Bureau (URSB) to ensure member enterprises/companies are formally registered. Fighting COVID 19: Hand washing equipment, Detergents given to USSIA members to promote the fight against COVID-19 through hand washing and sanitation.
USSIA is an Association for all the Industries in Uganda.
USSIA is an Association for all the Industries in Uganda.

Welcome To Uganda Small Scale Industries Association

The Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA) is a not-for-profit business association of Micro, Small and Medium Industries (MSMI’s) with a strong membership base of about 5,000 registered Micro, Small and Medium Industries. USSIA is driven to support and equip small and medium-sized enterprises especially the small-scale industrial sector of Uganda for success and economic growth.

USSIA was formed in 1979 out of the realization that there was a gap in terms of the representation and support of professional small and medium enterprises that want to grow and become large enterprises. Since then, the organization has grown to enormous levels. However, USSIA is still a grassroots based association representing MSMEs all over Uganda.

USSIA Focus Sectors

Leather Crafts

Woodworks And Carpentry

Electrical And Electronics

Mechanical and technical works

Building materials and construction

Chemicals And pharmaceuticals

Ceramics And pottery

Printing and graphics


USSIA membership is voluntary and is composed of the Small Scale Industrialists (SSI) that are operating and are legally registered.

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